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                 Soffit: The underside of an architectural structure such as an arch or overhanging eaves.
To create an area for uplighting in the bedroom, We framed in custom soffits. The architect called for a 4″ cove in the front of the soffit to soften the hard angles in the room. This cove had to be hand shaped the old fashoned way… with a metal lath and plaster. These are before and after photographs of a recently completed custom renovation in Bellingham Washington by Indigo Enterprises Northwest Inc.

Before shot of custom soffit installation by Indigo Enterprises Northwest Inc. Bellingham, Washington.

At Indigo Enterprises Northwest Inc. we specialize in custom construction in Belingham Washington and throughout Whatcom County. Each of our projects is tailored according to our client’s unique needs and hand-built by our highly experienced craftsmen.

Rising energy costs have made stoves an attractive alternative for heating homes. Technology has allowed today’s stoves to have greater fuel efficiency and to be more environmentally friendly than their predecessors. Today’s stoves are available in a wide variety of styles, finishes and colors to match individual tastes and décor.

This ‘Indigo’ custom remodel was recently completed and is located in Bellingham Wa. off of Chuckanut Drive.

Indigo Enterprises Northwest Inc. Bellingham Wa. Contractor specializing in custom construction.

Indigo Enterprises Northwest Inc. A Whatcom County based construction company, specializing in building custom homes and remodels.