006 Before we got started with this ‘Atomic Ranch’ remodel.

A few images after we finished this 'Atomic Remodel'.

A few images after we finished this ‘Atomic Remodel’.



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Photograph of custom kitchen completed.

Photograph of custom kitchen completed.

Fairhaven condo kitchen before Indigo remodel.

Fairhaven condo kitchen before Indigo remodel.

We get some unique door requests here at Indigo Enterprises NW. One of the latest trends is to mount a large vertical door handle to the door. While this looks great and feels great it doesn’t provide an active mechanism to keep your door closed. A deadbolt, which is great for security, isn’t what you want to lock and unlock every time you come through the door.
You can use spring loaded hinges but over time they wear on the door and surroundings. Not to mention they can be dangerous for small kids and animals.
With a little extra work and some planning you can install a pneumatic concealed door closer. Unlike bulky commercial closers that are unsightly and mount on the face of the door or top of the jamb, this pneumatic cylinder is hidden above the jamb in the door header.
Here are some shots of the door being prepped in the shop. The top of the door slab and the door jamb have to be custom mortised to accept the hardware. The instructions for this unit were good and the machining on the hardware was clean…this made for an easy install.

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Lets face it. If you live in Washington you know June can sometimes feel like Junuary. In September the days are still beautiful but the once the sun is down it’s usually to cold to sit outside for a long period of time.
It’s no wonder outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular.
On this job we worked with Structural engineer Jason Bourne and Designer Debbie Todd to create this Northwest outdoor oasis.
The key to this outdoor living space is the large vaulted roof. The structure offers protection from the elements and also provides space to hang outdoor heating units.
My clients great taste in furniture and finishes turned this space into a crown jewel. Having been invited to a few dinner parties I can tell you first hand that this is a great idea for anyone
looking to extend their outdoor living.

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